The meeting will provide an outstanding forum for basic science and clinical researchers to present their latest data and exchange ideas relating to the broad role of cytokines and interferons in human disease, and applications to therapies.
For more info visit: http://www.cytokines2014.com/

ICIS Satellite Symposium
30 October - 1 November 2014, Lorne, Australia
"Yin-Yang of the Interferon System”

The symposium, Chaired by Prof Bryan Williams, Ernest Borden and Robert Silverman will be helf at the Cumberland Lorne Resort, Lorne, Australia. It wll cover regulators of IFN induction and signaling, genetic changes that alter the balance between IFN induction and repression and the pathologic consequences, and IFNs and their agonist and antagonists in the clinic.
For more information please see the flyer.





Conference accommodation recommendation is the Cumberland Resort in Lawn which can be booked at a reduced conference rate.

Could we please also include the link for the resort: http://www.cumberlandlorneaccommodation.com.au/

A free bus service will be provided for participants of the conference to and from Central Melbourne/Melbourne Airport and Lawn.





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