Living in Melbourne

Melbourne is consistently voted amongst the world's most liveable cities for its safe, secure environment and well-developed infrastructure. MIMR is based in Clayton, Victoria, approximately 21.5km out of the Melbourne CBD. It is easily accessible off the Monash Freeway and is also close to the Clayton Railway Station. Please see below for further information regarding living in Melbourne and its transport.

Rich multicultural landscape

Around 50,000 international students live in Melbourne, which has almost 4 million residents from over 140 nations. 45 per cent of Victoria's community is either born overseas or has at least one parent born overseas. More than 150 different languages are spoken in Victoria.

Cosy caf├ęs and fine restaurants

Melbourne has a thriving restaurant culture, offering classical and innovative dining options. The city's unique laneway cafes attract passing crowds outside and offer quiet relief inside, away from the busy city.


From large department stores to smaller designer shops and busy markets, whatever you need and want can be found in Melbourne.

Vibrant night-life

The streets light up at night with theatres, bars, nightclubs, restaurants and shopping centres that line the city streets and flank the Yarra River in Southbank.

International arts and culture hub

Melbourne is host to many major cultural events each year, bringing participants from around the world in international sports competitions and arts festivals.

Parks and gardens

The lush Royal Botanic Gardens attract tourists and joggers while other parks such as the Treasury Gardens and Fitzroy Gardens are popular spots for families and lunch-time office workers.

More information

Getting around Melbourne

Melbourne has a well-connected transport system. Trams, trains, buses and taxi services offer secure, comfortable travel around Melbourne.

  • Metlink - Your guide to public transport in Melbourne and Victoria
  • Viclink - Similar to Metlink, but with information specific to regional Victoria
  • Connex Melbourne - Find train timetables and more train information
  • Yarra Trams - Route maps and timetables for Melbourne's tram transport system
  • Melbourne bus link - Route maps and timetables for the Melbourne bus link service

Regional Victoria

Use Melbourne as a base for trips to the natural and wildlife wonders of regional Victoria. Visit tranquil country towns, beach resorts, alpine villages, or take road trip down the spectacular Great Ocean Road to see the Apostles and other natural wonders.