Benefits of MIMR study

Two scientists in a laboratoryMIMR has more than 200 potential supervisors internationally renowned for their research in perinatal physiology, molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, stem cells and clinical obstetric, neonatal and paediatrics.  If you are looking to further your scientific or clinical career in a nurturing and stimulating environment, then your future awaits at MIMR!

MIMR research into preterm babies, stem cells, cancer, inflammation, women’s health and paediatric sleep has changed the way diseases are understood and treated. In conjunction with the Institute’s high-quality teaching program, our collaborative ties with the Monash Health Research Precinct, Monash University and institutes around the world means every scientist and student continues to expand their knowledge and expertise. MIMR offers a unique opportunity to combine basic science and clinical research with clinicians and scientists working closely together to improve health outcomes.

MIMR benefits include:

  • Supervisors in perinatal physiology, molecular and cellular biology, immunology, biochemistry, stem cells and clinical obstetric, neonatal and paediatric research
  • One-on-one student to supervisor contact in a nurturing, stimulating environment
  • Mentorship by internationally recognised scientists
  • State-of-the-art technology including stem cell technology, embryo microinjection gene arrays, laser-capture micro-dissection, confocal microscopy and cell imaging
  • Clinical collaborations especially in the areas of obstetrics, neonatology, paediatric sleep and women’s health
  • Opportunities to present your research internally and externally

To view the projects on offer at MIMR visit the projects available pages and contact the supervisors who oversee the projects in which you are interested. You will then have an opportunity to come and meet the scientists, tour our facilities, and hear first hand about the exciting opportunities on offer.